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New York city apartment rentals with full transparency.

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Bait-and-switch is dead.

Only with trust and transparency can you find a home you'll love.

It's why we have 100% transparent listings. That means no hidden addresses, last-minute surprises, hidden fees, no sorry-I-forgot-to-mentions...

No sign-up required. Access full addresses including unit numbers and property information of listings on our public search.

No application fees. Apartment rental applications shouldn't cost you money - so now they don't, anywhere.

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No hidden addresses, ever.

While other brokerages hide their listing data from you, all of our listings include a full address, with no property details hidden. All of the data is accesible to you, where it belongs.

While this might seem like an obvious way to work, no other brokerage operates this way. And it makes all the difference.

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Secure asset control and management for owners.

We built our platform around the idea that you should be able to manage your property on-the-go and easily while staying fully informed.

On the BROKR© platform you'll have a complete overview of your properties, including access to your properties' financial records, creative assets, market data, and interest statistics.

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No fees on any apartment, ever.

Get the apartment you want without paying to apply.

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Short-term with no shortcomings.

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Wield the power of visibility.

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Technology-driven asset management.

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Building tools to solve problems.

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Always there when you need us.

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