Who we are.

We are a real estate company committed to delivering superior brokerage services and developing innovative real estate products for agents and clients.

The underlying philosophy of BROKR is the belief that brokering real estate is about providing complete transparency to our clients without sacrificing results.


Our unique environment fosters innovation by maintaining an ongoing conversation between those who develop the tools and those who use them.

Building lasting, close relationships with our clients.

Delivering on our mission of building a better real estate world begins with our relationship with clients. Our agents ensure satisfaction by protecting and promoting the interests of our clients above all else.

In building these relationships, we recognize the importance of consistently acting with dedication, discipline, and honesty.

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If you want it done right, do it yourself.

All of our code is 100% written by our in-house software development team. By not outsourcing any of our development work, we are able to quickly and effectively bring ideas to life at no cost to our clients.

Developing technologies ourselves removes the burden of unnecessary costs and features, giving us full flexibility to tailor our tools to the precise needs of our team and clients.

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