Property Management

Build more value for your real estate and take it beyond its existing limits.

Take control of your property.

We deliver a comprehensive and unparalleled property management experience.

Power your decisions with data. We use technology to collect data about your properties to guide strategic decisions with insight.

Scale your property with tech. Develop, refine, and grow your current business processes by leveraging technology as a part of your workforce.

Make your property a community. Create community-building experiences that make tenants feel at home in your properties and encourage renewals.

Expand your capabilities. Our goal is to ensure your property is always fully staffed and available for business.

Full Service Management

Our property management capabilities are expansive and our team is ready to tackle projects of any size.

Legal Services
Tax Certiorari
Project Management

Managed by BROKR.

Explore the difference of working with BROKR and transform your properties.

Hands-on Approach

Our experts are involved in every aspect of your building and strengthen your relationship with tenants.

Regulation Experts

Our staff is continually educated on the latest laws and regulations pertaining to New York City real estate.

Access & Transparency

Manage all your properties through our control panel no matter where you are in the world.

Community Building

We build lasting communities for work and living that transform properties and create lasting tenant relationships.

Reduce Vacancy

Our managers are supported by a staff of developers, marketers, and agents dedicated to placing tenants.

Thorough Screening

We focus on securing qualified tenants to reduce risk for your buildings with our thorough screening process.

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