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10 Ideas for Improving your Apartment (and Neighborhood) this Fall

October 1, 2019 by Sami Boutaleb
Fall Home Improvement Ideas

The Fall is a great time to be outdoors and really take in all the beautiful colors and scenes around the city and even out in the countryside. However, when you’re not outside, why not import that same great feeling into your home.

Here are 10 Fall Season Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home And The Neighborhood:

1. Paint your door

Painted Red Home Door

Your door is the gate to your home, it should look beautiful as any front cover should. Of course your building management might have some issues with this, in that case, you can simply opt for a removable door cover. This fall, brighten up your door with colors like magenta, orange, and various hues of red to give your apartment a fresh look.

2. Buy new Curtains

Tall Apartment Curtains

From your living room curtains, to your bathroom curtains, change it up! If you’re living in New York, chances are you’re staring at another building. Improve your home’s view by buying beautiful curtains in Fall season colors. Bathroom curtains can also enhance the mood and increase the relaxation of your bath.

3. Update your Spice Pantry

Variety of Colorful Spices

Fall season means flavors like cinnamon, apples and sweet potatoes. Make dishes like apple pie, and chai tea, or sweet potato mash. Combine these sweet dishes with savory foods and your family is sure to experience a delightful meal.

4. Decorate your mirrors

Bathroom Window Decorations

Buy stickers from places like Staples or Amazon, and brighten up the mirrors in your bathroom with cool messages that your kids will learn from or action figure that your kids look up to. Stickers are a great way to remind ourselves of our values and ambitions in life.

5. Buy an Ottoman

Ottoman with People Outside

Can’t make it all the way to the Middle East? Look no further than Ikea for affordable, traditional style ottomans that make great decor but also serve great function. An ottoman can be placed near your door to add storage space for things like your umbrella or rain boots.

6. Invest in new lights

Lights Hanging From Ceiling

Lighting in a room impacts everything from mood to facial appearance, and therefore it is important to know what mood you seek to invoke with your lighting. Phillips Hue offers a cool new light bulb that changes color to your preference. Spice up your evening dinner with your significant other with the right lighting!

7. Go carpet shopping

Multiple Carpets Stacked

What’s a room without a carpet? An empty room of course. Carpets add warmth, visual design and comfort to any home. While you’re at it, you can even buy new covers for your sofa and really experience a new living room!

8. Redecorate your bathroom

Modern Design Bathroom Ideas

While you’re shopping for carpets for your living room, why not also shop for carpets in your bathroom. Bathroom carpets allow you to be barefoot and at ease while you’re using the bathroom. A bathroom can also be sparked up with new soap bottles and candle sticks!

9. Carve a pumpkin

Pumpkins for Interior Design

Not only are pumpkins delicious in nearly every cultural dish I’ve tried, but they also make interesting companions after they’ve had their faces carved in. Go online to YouTube for tutorials or sign-up for a nearby class hosting a carving session!

10. Give out healthy candy

Health Snacks Ideas in Fruit

I’m not sure if baking your own candy is even socially acceptable when it comes to Halloween, but definitely opt for healthier candy options to the kids, even if Halloween only comes once a year! Good choices can be found at your local Whole Foods.

Whether you live in an apartment or house, these just a few simple ideas that can bring the joy and spirit of Fall into your home. Fall colors are warm and comfy, so spice up that chai latte and get cozy inside your beautiful home.