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10 Necessary Tools Every New Yorker Needs In Their Home

September 25, 2019 by Sami Boutaleb
Home Tools Laid Out

Not only do New Yorkers rarely have their driver’s license, they rarely even have any tools at home. Tools make things like DIY projects and emergency situations a breeze, allowing you to rely less on your landlord or super!

Every New Yorker knows what an Allen wrench is, but that won’t fix shower curtains and leaky faucets. Granted, leaky faucets are usually covered under tenant policies, other situations including your own belongings such as tech hardware and furniture require your own tools, knowledge, and time to fix.

Here are 10 necessary tools every New Yorker  needs in their home:

1. Screwdrivers

Screwdriver Set for Apartment

Every home needs a screwdriver. Your cooking pot handles get loose, your tech gear gets loose, and even your clock has screws that need to be opened to change the battery.

When shopping for a screwdriver, make sure to check out multi-head screwdrivers as they offer the benefit of multiple head sizes in one tool.

2. Electric Drill

Electric Drill for Wall Hanging

Looking to hang wall shelves that have long screws that need to get deep into the wall? You’ll need an electric drill.

Wall shelves remove clutter from the room and give the room some refreshing decor. Drills come in different shapes and sizes, the most convenient are cordless and come in lesser weight.

3. Hammer

Hammer and Nails on Floor

Every room needs pictures and paintings on the wall, even a study room. Hanging a picture not only brightens up rooms but also brings back memories of good times with friends and family, helping make your house into a home.

A hammer is safe to use if you have the patience, and necessary if the frame is big and will not be supported by stick-tack.

4. Tape Measure 

Tape Measure

Measurement provides symmetry, which leads to organization and structure. When buying a new mattress or plant for your room, it is always helpful to have a measuring tape available to make sure you don’t buy something that doesn’t fit in your room!

5. Level

After you’re done hammering that picture in, you’ll probably realize that the frame is crooked. Now is when you’ll need to a level.

A level is an instrument that comes equipped inside a construction ruler in order to help align, to measurement, any frame.

6. Wrench

Two Wrenches

Most doorman buildings come with tenant protection policies in the form of handymen on demand in the case of leaky faucet emergencies.

However, in the event that the handymen is not available, it is imperative to have a wrench at home. With it you can stop water from running in a tight situation!

7. Duct tape

Duct Tape

The winter time can be tough sometimes, and if your wall or window crack, you’ll be lucky to have some duct tape lying around to insulate yourself from the crippling cold.

Besides repairing damaged walls, you can also use duct tape for leaks as well, and also for transportation projects.

8. Utility Knife (Box Cutter)

Anyone who orders from Amazon knows the challenges of opening up delivery boxes, therefore get yourself a box cutter and avoid the paper cuts! Box cutters also come in handy when you need to remove tape from the walls and parts of your home.

9. Step Stool

Step Stool

Maybe you’re hanging that frame, or changing that bulb, or acting a Macbeth speech for your dinner guests – in any case, you need a step stool.

These come in handy in the kitchen if you have dishes and pantry stored away in high places. Remember to be safe when using a step stool – don’t use it on a wet or uneven surface!

10. Wall Stapler

Nobody likes wires! Wires can make you trip and look messy, so let’s get them out of the way! The best solution for tangled wires is a wall stapler

A wall stapler allows you to staple your wires to the wall, usually running them just above your baseboard. Best of all, if your wires are white, since most apartment rentals are painted white, the wires will be nicely camouflaged by the wall!

That it! Be sure to read your building’s tenant policies before hammering in any nails. Safe hammering!