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Every day, our in-house team creates content about homes - coding, designing, capturing - and use it to build interest in targeted buyers and sell homes.

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Stephanie Lage
The best brokers in town! Very helpful and reliable. I recommend them to everyone!

Stephanie Lage

Tom Peters
BROKR is the "Go To" for NYC real estate, hands down...

Tom Peters

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This team is great. Easy, convenient, and reliable. Best in town.

Ian Oscar

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Great service every time I rent in New York. Always very helpful and exceed my expectations.

Lee McAteer

A Modern Approach to Selling Homes

Capturing your home.

Our interior designers begin by beautifully staging your apartment to increase it's appeal and value. Then, we'll capture it in all its glory in image, video, and virtual reality formats and create a website to present it all.

Reaching the right buyers.

Once we've captured your home's best presentation, we'll send your home to hundreds of listing sites, brokers, and more. Our network of real estate investors and home buyers gives us the ability to present your home to the right buyer sooner.

Negotiating the best deal.

Our professionals will expertly negotiate on your behalf with buyers to secure the best offer for your home. We price homes using analytical methods based on aggregate sales data and market trends and this gives us an upper hand in negotiations.

Why work with BROKR?

We sell homes by creating digital experiences and connecting with buyers.

Over the past decade, we've perfected these processes and built cutting edge technologies that allow us to deliver a comprehensive and unparalleled real estate experience.

Millions in Transactions

We're proud to have helped hundreds of clients reach their real estate goals in New York City and beyond.

Dedicated Real Estate Professionals

Bring your asset to market under the advisory of our trusted and skilled agents who have helped clients across the nation.

Digital Marketing Experts

We use the latest marketing and tracking tools to reach interested buyers and build their interest in your home through retargeted offers.

Building Engaging Experiences

In this digital age, we appreciate the value physical experiences such as events or print can provide us as a method of uniquely advertising your home.